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Friday, June 30, 2006

I added a link to the azureus sourceforge.

I added a link to the azureus sourceforge.

Cook an egg within 65 mins with two cell phones.
Phones Cooking an egg

I posted a few sites I tend to browse on a daily wandering around the web. Most will probalby have seen these before, but they are good sites/blogs so I sujest you check them out.

I also posted links to the torrent sites I use whenever I feel like borrowing something off the net.

Thursday, June 29, 2006 I suppose this isnt very new, but its new to me, It's a video blog I found today while surfing the web. I have to say Im really impressed with what this guy says and how he adds all the comedy in to the news casts.

Well I have been interested in this for a while now. I want to use passive cooling on my computer but I want to read some reviews first. If anyone has taken a stab at this let me know.

Well Lets Hope this isnt the first and last post. I suppose my goal in this blog is for reviews on movies and games i watch/play. as well as what i find on the interwebinator. I Will post random torrent sites aswell/torrent files I find are a good download.

At anyrate Hope I keep posting.