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Thursday, July 13, 2006


I have been playing Prey, a new game out by 2K games for PC and Xbox360. Its really well done I didnt like quake 4 or doom 3 very much. They where good but repetitive. But prey... what can I say but I have been on the edge of my seat since I got abducted by the aliens.
Theres not much that bugs me so far about Prey, Even the stupid enemy closets in doom are awsome and redone in to portals that open randomly when you enter an area.
This is a really nice improvment. First reason I like this, becasue you hear a sound of a portal opening and you never know where its going to open. Second, The inverted gravity walkways make for quite the fun challenge of killing guys on both the ceiling and the floor.
Heres a link to an image of a school bus full of dead children. Right after I took this image all the lights went out, the windows flashed blue, and then creepy souls of children started emerging from the side of the buss and shotting/attackng me.
I will update on how good this game is later after I have played through it.


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